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Houston's Top Ten Most Wanted Gang Fugitives
Fugitives should always be considered armed and dangerous.  Never try to apprehend a fugitive yourself. 
Jesus V. Serna
Wanted for Capital Murder
Incident Number: 20130376
Victor Buenrostro
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20130190
Israel Macias Campos
Wanted for Capital Murder
Incident Number: 20130147
Alfonso Montalvo
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20130007
Santiago Gonzalez
Wanted for Capital Murder
Incident Number: 20120717
Hugo Alberto Portillo
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20120007
Juan Gonzalez
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20120006
Cleto Ramos
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery - Deadly Weapon
Incident Number: 20120005
Augustin Miguel Marquez
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20120004
Aldo Aguilar Ramirez
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20120003

Jason Gates
Capital Murder
Incident Number: 20160279
Robert J. Ring
Parole Violation (Possession of Cocaine)
Incident Number: 20160276
Jonathan Linscomb
Aggravated Robbery - Weapon
Incident Number: 20160264
Kavon Boutte
Aggravated Assault - Weapon
Incident Number: 20160257
Christian Navarro
Aggravated Robbery - Weapon
Incident Number: 20160245
Eric Todd Semien
Homicide (Capital Murder)
Incident Number: 20160240
Andrea Authorlee
Robbery Felony Robbery Bodily Injury
Incident Number: 20160236
Luis Cohen
Probation Violation (Agg Assault – Weapon)
Incident Number: 20160230
Charles Staver
Parole Violation ( Felon - Poss of Weapon)
Incident Number: 20160222
Johnathan Roy
Probation Violation (Agg Robbery)
Incident Number: 20160214
Bevrick White
Parole Violation (Drugs)
Incident Number: 20160208
Christopher Perez
Parole Violation (Evading Arrest)
Incident Number: 20160193
David L. Doggett
Parole Violation (Burglary)
Incident Number: 20160189
Travein Straughter
Incident Number: 20160149
Joe Alexander Luna
Parole Violation (Robbery)
Incident Number: 20160097
James Lee
Evading Arrest - Felony FTA
Incident Number: 20160028
Christopher Delgadillo
Assault (Felony)
Incident Number: 20160003
Rey Castillo
Parole Violation - Possession of Controlled Substance
Incident Number: 20150487
Alfred Carrillo
Parole Violation - Dangerous Drugs
Incident Number: 20150486
Tyrell Fredrick
Burglary of Habitation (Felony)
Incident Number: 20150468
Charles Buckley
Burglary of a Building (Felony)
Incident Number: 20150459
Walter Contreras
Failure to Appear (Aggravated Assault - Weapon)
Incident Number: 20150430
Paul Rasco
Failure to Appear (Assault)
Incident Number: 20150417
Javante Haste
Aggravated Robbery (Deadly Weapon)
Incident Number: 20150349
Jeron Maurice Kent
Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon)
Incident Number: 20150339
Gillermo Mosqueda
Aggravated Assault Family Member - Shotgun
Incident Number: 20150264
Khriston Young
Probation Violation (Aggravated Robbery Deadly Weapon)
Incident Number: 20150177
Fidel Macedo
Incident Number: 20140412
Ernesto Magana
Wanted for Homicide
Incident Number: 20140025
Mario Alberto Valencia Cerna
Wanted for Murder
Incident Number: 20130492
Jason Eric Ramirez
Wanted for Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
Incident Number: 20130424
Amado Castillo
Wanted for Murder and Aggravated Assault
Incident Number: 20120741
Divis Garcia Ordonez, aka Juan Olvin Fernandez
Wanted for Capital Murder
Incident Number: 20120732
Bryant Contreras
Wanted for Failure to Appear on an Aggravated Robbery Charge
Incident Number: 20120647

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