Victor Buenrostro
Wanted for Murder
Jerry Greer
Jonathan Dixon
Aggravated Robbery
Israel Macias Campos
Wanted for Capital Murder
Santiago Gonzalez
Wanted for Capital Murder
Augustin Miguel Marquez
Wanted for Murder
Kirkland Jacobs
Probation Violation (Burglary)
Walter Contreras
Failure to Appear (Aggravated Assault - Weapon)
James Steven Stacey
Parole Violation
Ernesto Magana
Wanted for Homicide
Michael D. Jackson
Parole Violation (Dangrous Drugs)
Tyrell Fredrick
Burglary of Habitation (Felony)
Phillip Franklin
Aggravated Assault (Gun)
Daniel Jimenez
Parole Violation (Marijuana)
Bryant Contreras
Wanted for Failure to Appear on an Aggravated Robbery Charge
Julio Ibarra
Aggravated Kidnapping
Johnny Smith
Jason Eric Ramirez
Wanted for Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
Jesus R. Contreras
Failure to Appear (Aggravated Assault-Weapon)
Juan Gonzalez
Wanted for Murder
Jared Langley
Dangerous Drugs
Alejandro Alaniz
Aggravated Robbery (Deadly Weapon)
Amado Castillo
Wanted for Murder and Aggravated Assault
Cristian Sanchez-Lopez
Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon)
Aldo Aguilar Ramirez
Wanted for Murder
Juan Nieva
Aggravated Assault - Weapon
Juan Gallardo
Aggravated Robbery (Weapon)
Jesus V. Serna
Wanted for Capital Murder
Wilburt Smith
Aggravated Assault
Eduardo Garcilazo
Parole Violation (Robbery)
Jaime Esparza
Probation Violation (Felony Assault)
Frank Freeman
Parole Violation (Assault)
Matthew D. Ray
Aggravated Assault (Weapon)
Willie Davis
Jeremiah Ibarra
Failure to Appear (Kidnapping)
Keith Latin
Probation Violation (Agg Assault)
Richard Acuna
Probation Violation (Assault)
Alberto Gomez
Parole Violation (Dangerous Drugs)
Hugo Alberto Portillo
Wanted for Murder
Jahkeen Omar Greaves
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon
Randall Tyler
FTA - Aggravated Robbery - Weapon
Alfonso Montalvo
Wanted for Murder
Rolando Mendez
Aggravated Robbery
Christopher Delgadillo
Assault (Felony)
Edwin Govea
Aggravated Robbery (Deadly Weapon)
Ibrahim Zamonsett
Probation Violation (Robbery)
Fidel Macedo
Cleto Ramos
Wanted for Aggravated Robbery - Deadly Weapon
Matthew Smith
Parole Violation (Damage Property)
Curtis Simpson
Probation Violation (Agg Assault)
Donnell Williams
Aggravated Robbery
Keithfus Isreal
Parole Violation (Robbery)
Alberto Gabino
Parole Violation (Drugs)
Ronald Smith
Irin Griffin
Probation Violation (Aggravated Assault)