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The fight against hundreds of local street gangs
Half of all the crime in Houston is Gang related.
A New Anti-Gang Website
The amount of Gang related crime in Houston is down a police are hoping to keep it that way. This morning the Houston Police Department announced a new website...
Website to help stop gangs is working
KRTK ABC13 - Deborah Wrigley
The Houston Police Department, FBI and other agencies say they have had good success in their efforts to fight gangs in Houston
Law enforcement agencies announce new anti-gang efforts Houston Texas
The FBI, Houston Police Department, and the complete network of law enforcement agencies throughout Harris County announced enhancements to their anti-gang efforts Wednesday.
Stop Houston Gangs Public Service Announcement The fight against hundreds of local street gangs
The numbers show that half of all the crime in Houston is Gang related. We are going to show you how you can help police.
A message for Gang members
We are on you. We are going to catch you. You're are going to go to my overcrowded jail and we are all going to be happy about it.
Knowledge is the secret weapon in fighting Houston
This site shares information about Gangs and how to report Gang activity in your area.
Gang Crackdown
According to police more children join gangs and it is no longer a inner city problem.
Crime Stoppers joins multi-agency effort to fight Houston gangs
Thirty-five gang fugitives featured on the website, and publicized weekly by local media and on Houston area digital billboards, have been captured within the past year.
Trying to keep the Bayou City from becoming a stom
Houston Police are trying to keep the Bayou City from becoming a stomping ground for gangs and drug cartels from Mexico.
Gang Activity High In Houston
Gang problems are not unusual in Houston. But you may be surprised to find that if there is a gang in Texas, they have a presence in the Bayou City.
Law Enforcement Agencies Gang Up on Gang Activity
Richard Powers the FBIs special agent in charge of the Houston office summed it up like this - This is the first time that I am aware of that this many agencies commit to this kind of initiative have come together.
Website to help lower Houston gang-related crimes
It is all of our responsibility to end the scourge of gang violence said Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos
FBI teams up to fight gangs in Houston
HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The FBI is teaming up several local law enforcement agencies on a new initiative, billed as a proactive attack on gangs. The campaign includes the use of billboards and a website.