Gang Graffiti vs. Tagger Graffiti
Not All Graffiti is Gang Related

Gang Graffiti
Graffiti that promotes a gang.  Used by gangs to:

  • Mark territory
  • Intimidate residents
  • Challenge other gangs
  • Provide responses to rival gangs
  • Attempt to display strength/status

Tagger Graffiti
Graffiti that promotes an individual.

A tagger is a person who seeks notoriety by vandalizing properties without getting caught. Taggers may work in groups referred to as "crews" but they are not considered gangs.

Taggers view their graffiti as artistic and vandalize for:

  • Visibility
  • Notoriety among the public or other taggers
  • The thrill of the act
  • To challenge rival taggers or tagging crews
  • To express views or social commentary

Gang vs. Tagger Graffiti Comparison

 Gang Graffiti:


  • Uses gang signs and symbols
  • Legible but un-styled
  • One solid color
  • Found in easy to reach places (walls, fences, dumpsters)
  • Crossed or X'ed out
  • Gang member names are small
  • Gang name is prominent

 Tagger Graffiti:


  • Obvious effort and design
  • Graphic
  • Difficult to read, balloon-like or bubble fonts
  • Multi-colored
  • Found in hard to reach places (billboards, freeway signs, bridges, building tops.)
  • Tags are on top of one other
  • Tagger name is prominent

Tagger graffiti should be submitted to City of Houston or Harris County Sheriff's Office

Instructions for dealing with Tagger (Non-Gang) Graffiti>>   


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