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Houston Area Regional Gangs
Gangs - Signs & Symbols
Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list.  

Most Wanted Houston Gang Members

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Gang Profile - Treetop Bloods / Hilltop Bloods
Signs & Symbols:
  • Colors: Red
  • black
  • green
  • Green can be used with Red
  • 5 point star or crown
  • Pitchfork pointed down
  • MOB
  • UBN
  • 21 Brick Pyramid
  • Dawg paws
  • hand sign making "B"
  • "P" or "TP".
Image Gallery:
  Main 21 rules the Bloods follow - 5 point star images; 21 bricks that make up the 5 point star. Nick name Mr. Bris - the "B" substituted for the letter "C"; Tree Top on chest with 5 point stars; Roman numeral 5 and 9; CK - Crip Killer on stomach

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